Group Lessons

During the summer, group surf lessons take place daily, at least twice a day, at flexible times depending on sea and tidal conditions.
Outside the summer season, classes take place once a day on weekdays and weekends, with schedules adjusted according to sea conditions and class level.
Each class lasts 2 hours and is taught by a teacher for each group of 5 students, with special attention to different skill levels. All necessary equipment is properly sanitized and is included in the class.

From 24€

Private Lessons

A Personalized Experience for Rapid Evolution.
In our individual surf lessons, the teacher’s absolute focus is directed towards optimizing each student’s performance.
We provide exclusive support, aiming to achieve significant progress in a short period of time. These classes are specially designed for students determined to achieve their goals, in order to improve and correct their activity effectively.

100€ per 1 surfer, extra surfer +50€

Group Events

Whether for team building, bachelor parties, association events or simply meetings between friends, we are here to personalize every detail of your event. We are fully dedicated to making
the experience unique
and adapted to the needs of each group.

This class is prepared in advance and in detail to provide an impactful, fun and safe experience.

We adjust the activity to your needs in order to achieve the defined objectives: duration, time, whether you need catering or not, etc.

Surf Guiding

If you choose Praia Grande to surf, allow us to guide you. We have in-depth knowledge of all peaks and we know how to surf in the best conditions.
Furthermore, we are ready to accompany you in the water, sharing the secrets of the beach, from the points where the waves break, where to position your board. We are here to make your surfing experience even more enriching.

100€ per day including transport, extra surfer +25€

Summer Weeks

From June to September, on the beaches of Praia das Maçãs and/or Praia Grande, we present a complete daily or weekly program intended for children. We offer two surf lessons per day, complemented by other beach activities. A lunch option is available, providing convenience and more time to enjoy the fun. We guarantee moments of joy and learning in a relaxed and safe environment.

185€ per week

Surf and Bodyboard Equipment Rental

We offer all the necessary equipment for our classes, but we also provide material so you can enjoy surfing independently.
We’re here to make sure you have everything you need, whether you’re taking part in our classes or are able to practice
surfing individually.

From 20€ per 2 hours

Surf Trips

We organize trips with our students to explore some of the best beaches in the world for surfing.
To participate, you only need two things: a great passion for surfing and an unparalleled adventurous spirit. We are ready to make each trip a unique and unforgettable experience.
Internationally, we take advantage of Easter, Christmas and Summer holidays to get to know the best waves. We have already visited Morocco, Southern France or the Canary Islands, among other destinations. Our national surf trips have classic destinations such as Sagres / Algarve or Peniche.

Surf and Bodyboard Classes for Children

Surfing and Bodyboarding have attracted a growing number of children who choose these activities as a complement to their school activities.
These practices are proven to be beneficial, providing discipline and the development of unique skills associated with water sports. Given the growing preference of many children to make Surf and Bodyboard classes their main outdoor activity, SURF AT offers attractive monthly packages.

From €30 per 1,5 hour

Surf Camps

Discover 8 Days of Pure Pleasure at Surf Camp in Sintra, in the District of Lisbon. Located on two of the most beautiful and emblematic beaches in Sintra – Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande – our surf school is the ideal destination for surfers of all ages, whether experienced or new.

At Surf At Praia das Maçãs, we are committed to teaching all aspects of surfing in an easy, safe and fun way. Our team is dedicated to being your source of inspiration from the very first wave, accompanying you every step of your progress. We guarantee that your experience with us will be an unforgettable memory that will transport you back to Portugal whenever you remember surfing!

From 303,40 € | 7 nights + 5 lessons

Functional Training

Consistent dedication to this style of training provides a series
of significant benefits for the practitioner’s performance: improve muscular balance, correct posture, and effectively control body weight, among others.

Evolution Plan

The SURF AT school remains open throughout the year, providing students with the opportunity to maintain their surfing practice without interruption. Surfing and bodyboarding have stood out as recognized extra-curricular activities, experiencing notable growth in recent years. Today, these modalities assume a significant position as alternative sports compared to the more traditional ones.

Our mission as a Surf school is to give due importance to these activities in the lives of our students, recognizing them as essential elements in the education and discipline of children and adolescents, like any other sport. Between the months of September and May, we offer suitable facilities for training and physical preparation, allowing students to develop their skills to practice these disciplines at sea.

Monthly plan with 1 session per week: 70€

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